10 Movies To Watch To Light A Fire Under Your Fit Butt!

Even the most motivated individuals need a little push.  Whether you're feeling a little too tired, or want to simply say 'I'll do my workout tomorrow'.  On top of reading inspiring blog articles or watching vlogs, I like to sit down and watch a good movie to really get me revved up to get my … Continue reading 10 Movies To Watch To Light A Fire Under Your Fit Butt!


How to Make Your Own Fitness Challenge

I love following this blog! If you need something challenging or fresh for your summer workouts (or life) read this and then go follow the blog!

Finding delight.

Today marks DAY 5 of my 10-Day Ballet Challenge and I’m LOVING it! Ballet is exercise that I enjoy, and although it’s a work-out it doesn’t feel like work in the same way that some exercise does. And as someone who easily succumbs to decision fatigue, I love waking up and knowing my work-out for the day is already sorted.

So, maybe you’re not so keen on living out your ballerina dreams but still find the idea of an at-home fitness challenge a little bit alluring. I’m here to help! (TBH, planning is half the fun of these things!) Below are the steps I followed to make my very own fitness challenge and YOU CAN TOO…

Decide on the length of your challenge.

I love yoga too much to spend too many days away from my mat. I decided on 10 days sort of at random. If you get bored…

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When Weight Loss Becomes Overwhelming

I have spent a good decade plus being active.  I remember the first night that I decided to make the trip to the gym at my University and make a change in my health 13 years ago.  I even remember the exact clothes I was wearing.  I've grown a lot in my health since then, … Continue reading When Weight Loss Becomes Overwhelming

Don’t Make A New You, Be A Proud You…

After a month long hiatus, happy belated New Year readers!  My goodness it has been quite a busy month since I last wrote to you.  But I'm back, and the new year is a fresh new start as it is for millions of people across the world.  I'm excited for the new year, to be … Continue reading Don’t Make A New You, Be A Proud You…

Have Yourself A Merry Guilt Free Holiday

I knew that if I allowed fear to overtake me, my journey was doomed. Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story from the one women are told. I decided I was safe. I was strong. I was brave. Nothing … Continue reading Have Yourself A Merry Guilt Free Holiday

Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Fitness Junkies 2016

Aw, tis' the season.  Winter storm Decima blasted her way through this weekend leaving us with first, another foot of snow, and then freezing us with -10 weather (-20--25 with wind chill), making it hard to go outside much less do all of the Christmas shopping we needed done.  But we did it, despite the … Continue reading Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Fitness Junkies 2016