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Oh The Fears of Running! (also told through the film Run, Fat Boy, Run)

I’m cranky today. I’m cranky because for the umpteenth morning I have gotten up earlier than I have to and went for my morning run.  Usually this doesn’t bother me, I love running in the morning.  The air is fresh, despite the fact that one of the farmers recently applied chicken shit all over his … Continue reading

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Marathon Mondays: calling myself a runner

“It never gets easier, you just get stronger” has become my motto lately.  I’ve never trained for something like this marathon before, but I find myself pushing beyond boundaries I didn’t know I could breach. photo provided by the awesome The other day I did what I thought was impossible for me to without … Continue reading

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Here’s To A Guilt Free Year (and other goals)

Welcome to the new year! I am so excited for the new year to come for everyone out there.  I hope people find happiness and love and laughter this year! I was thinking the other day about what the new year means for me and others.  It’s funny that, although I’m highly against the unhealthy … Continue reading