Nostalgic Thursdays: 10 years ago

Hey Everyone! #throwbackthursday or #tbt is one of the weekly delights I like to partake in.  I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t live in the past completely, but I also believe strongly that you should remember where you came from, and I think that this has always helped me look forward.  It’s always wonderful to look back and feel a bit of relief and say “look how far I have come”! It’s easy to forget that when you live in a faster pace as you get older.  I have absolutely loved my facebook newsfeed going from an abundance of photos of parties and stay-cations to watching those same friends now traveling the world, getting married, protesting their beliefs and standing their ground, and watching  pictures of pregnant bellies transiton into photos of those children and then watching those children grow.  It makes you feel old, yes, but again, you look back on these times and remember your experiences.  I’m choosing to look back for throwback thursdays as a reason to look back on photos on facebook from a gazillion years ago, and then facebook stalk the people I’m tagged with so that I have an excuse, I guess, to facebook stalk people and not seem wierd.  I was facebook stalking you the other day! No it’s okay because hashtag throwback thursday HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

You know on the other hand, don’t tell people you were facebook stalking them.

My first nephew turned 10 years old yesterday.  All day I looked back on his first decade here on earth.  But I am taken back to the year he was born.  It was my freshman year of college at WKU, my first home away from home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Even more so, is the moment I received a phone call from my mom telling me that my sister-n-law was expecting.  I do recall being this excited:

Some of the large freshman class I became friends with in 2005. That’s me with the red solo cup (full of diet coke, of course) looking like a baller.

And Dustin, my nephew, is growing into quite a wonderful young gentleman.  He’s smart, he’s kind, and he’s an awesome big brother to his brother, Braxton. His imagination is wild and he doesn’t fear what those around him think about his ideas and craziness.  He’s an inspiration!

So Dustin Adam, thank you for blessing me with your individualistic and unique spirit.  You’ve taught me that dancing, even when people are watching, is very free and liberating!

#tbt omg, look at me and my nephew being stupid silly sooooo many years ago:


Here’s a picture of us during a dinner after my graduation from WKU in ’09, so serious


…and….us now:


normally, I wouldn’t do many personal blog posts.  But this is for me and my inner peace.  And I love the past! AND I love #throwbackthursday


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