Get The Best Kink of Your Curls: DEVA hair products!

Get the best kink of your curls: DEVA hair products!


As a girl with extreeeeemmlllyyyy curly hair, like, I can wear it down all day and still get so many clumps that I have to detangle SO MUCH by the end of the day that I could swear sometimes I’m convinced I’m going bald. I always look for different products to try on my hair.  Because, lets face it, when you have curly hair as stubborn as mine–it won’t grow, it’s fine but looks think, sometimes flattens down on top–even though you have been on this earth for many many years, you still don’t have full control of your hair.  My hair is a constant learning process.

I am glad to be doing a beauty product review, because, in the midst of being in the middle of a humid summer and having not had a single decent hair day in about two months, it makes me feel good.  But I wanted to give a shout out to all my fellow curly headed ladies and gents out there, because, lets face it, we don’t get enough love.  Not that people don’t appreciate our unique fros, but really we don’t get the right appreciation. Ms. Suzy might like to touch your hair. But what Ms. Suzy doesn’t know as she tugs on a pig tail-like curl, bouncing back while she laughs like a giddy child, is that I probably haven’t had a hair cut in months because noone knows how to cut curly hair. SERIOUSLY! it’s 2015, and they still don’t teach people how to cut hair in their training to be a hairstylist.  So Ms. Suzy appreciates the entertainment and also, more seriously, the unique beauty of your curls, but the people you have to pay money to actually keep your hair healthy and trim and not looking like a damn dry tumbleweed ready to fall off of our GD head and float across the floor.

I would say since I was a young girl, I have found a total of three women who knew how to cut my hair (excluding my mother). All of which were happy accidents, they were just-happened-to-be-in-the-right-place accidents.  However, each haircut was at an expensive $40.00 per hair cut. So you can probably guess that a lot of hair styling configuration has been going on in my own tiny bathroom for years.  But with curly hair, you never have a hair day like the other.  Your hair has a mind of its own.  It’s a flaw, but it’s also what makes you unique.

So when I find a product that I like, I use it hard core until I can’t use it anymore. and usually THAT is because it has been discontinued.  But this month I would love to recommend DEVA CURL hair products.

Deva was launched in a salon in New York City and over the past few years has grown into a huge success.  Deva was made specifically for women with curly hair/wavy hair.  And in a straight hair kind of world, it’s a good feeling to be the special kind for a change.  They have every hair clensing/hairstyling product you can imagine, soft t-shirt like towls for the fragile curly hair, that you can imagine.  Plus, the products are not tested on animals, there is no sulfate, and no silicone.   It’s all natural ingredients.

I had heard this from the wife of a coworker about a year ago.  At first I blew it off only because I thought “A product that is made for only curly and wavy hair has to be a shit ton of money that I can’t afford”.  However, I decided in the fall, that I should try it.  The first thing I noticed after using it for a week is that I automatically began to get volume on top of my curls.  When my curly hair grows, the heavier the curls get, the flatter the top of my head gets.  With the Deva Curl conditioner, I didn’t have to put much effort in making my hair look volumous.  I also began to realize more and more as I used the gel (which, gel usually dries my hair out) that I was not having so much trouble with dry hair and I definitely was getting rid of frizz.

I shampoo my hair, maybe, once every couple of weeks so I technically am still going through my first big bottle of shampoo that I bought in late January.  Obviously the conditioner I went through within a month or two.  However, you don’t have to use as much of the conditioner as you are used to using with other hair products.  With garnier or Tressemme I would have to apply a huge amount to get the feeling of morstiure in my hair.  A quarter size is about all I have to use with Deva Curl. So even though you’re spending $20.00 per bottle vs. $5.-$6 per bottle.  You are not using as much of it.  So it’s definitely worth the money!

You can find DEVA CURL online, and you can find it in Ulta beauty stores.  I recommend this to my fellow curly girls out there!  Give it a try!


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