My Weekend Bucket List!

Yes it’s time for another weekend bucket list! I just turned 29 last month, so I’m going to make my twenties end with a bang and continue to live to the fullest! I’m so excited because Jeff and I are going on a long overdue vacation for the next eight days, it’s our first in two and half years(Since we took a late honeymoon seven months after our wedding). So while there is not a lot going on the next couple of days, what we are doing is BIG and IMPORTANT!  Especially since one of the activities we’re doing is on my actual bucket list.

Tomorrow I am going to be on my way to Florida.  But don’t worry, dear readers, I won’t neglect you again like I did for the last two months.  I will have plenty of blogs in the upcoming weeks!

But for now…my weekend bucket list:

  1. Swimming with manatees in Crystal River.

Ya’ll I’ve loved manatees ever since my teacher made me sculpt a manatee out of play dough in second grade.  I learned three things, one, manatees are also known as the sea cow, they are an endangered species (there is only 5,000 florida manatees left), and they are easy to’s basically a big gray blob with fin-looking thing-ies.  Seriously though, it has been a life long dream to swim with manatees and for a belated birthday and anniversary gift Jeff has planned this trip to Crystal River since the beginning of this summer.  He tried his best to keep it a surprise, but while road tripping to a wedding back in June I finally broke him down and he spilled the beans.  I cried because it was the best thing ever on this planet to have the privilege of doing. This time of year the manatees all tend to migrate to this particular area in crystal river because the water stays the perfect temperature all winter long.  From what I have heard, around this time of year there is at least four hundred of them swimming together.  I can’t wait to scratch their bellies and name them all. Most likely I’ll have to be forced out of the water and refrain from wanting to take one home.

This female manatee seemed to be checking on this young male manatee and having some social interaction. She isn't the mother, but possibly the young one's mother left him up in the springs while she went to feed. He looked bored and forlorn. Is this female manatee a friend of the family?

If you don’t know what a manatee is, and don’t worry because I know a lot of people who don’t, they’re are beautiful creatures that swim in the ocean.  They are mostly around Florida and the Caribbean and eat floating vegetation and sea grasses.  They often are injured or die from injuries from collisions with propellers from boat engines and from pollution in the water.

If you’re interested at all in helping these people-loving and happy creatures then you can adopt one at the World Wildlife Foundation website. I recommend it, because they really are wonderful beings. and…WHY NOT!?!?!

2. Enjoy the road trip down to Florida!

We’re driving down the fifteen hours that it takes to get there which means ROAD TRIP!!! It’s a wonderful change to get to see the road rage, the feeling of stiff muscles from sitting so long in a car seat, and seeing the beautiful sights in our country.  I’m excited because I’m going to FINALLY get to start Shelby Foote’s The Civil War: A Narrative, which is something I’ve wanted to read since the eighth grade.  It’ll be nice reading it on the beach and listening to the audio while driving down.  The local library has the whole book on audio, and while I can read while Jeff is driving, Jeff gets car sick from reading while I drive so I am coming prepared.  Luckily, Jeff is a nerd like me and is going to love it!

Please tell me what you all are doing this weekend so I can steal some ideas in the future!


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