Must-be-Wednesday: Some laughs, Some sadness, and the Things I’m Thankful For

You GUYS, it’s Wednesday! Congratulations, you made it half way through the week.  And, even though we have a holiday tomorrow, it has been a looooooonnnnnngggg week already.  I went shopping two weekends before Thanksgiving and the crowds were crazy and this past Sunday I went to grab the last bit of ingredients for my up coming Thanksgiving feast and MY GOOOOODDDDDDD people were angry.

Can we have a moment to stop and be thankful for all the rude fucks out there that teach us patience? God bless em’.  I don’t really think of myself as overtly crude, but I made some gestures at people that I AM proud of because they were crazy rude.  Get your life together.

rant over.

So imagine going into a work week that is acting like it’s Christmas tomorrow and everyone is losing their minds.  So I want share with you, mid-week, some things that have made me laugh during these last couple of weeks that have been tough, some things that we need to be aware of going on around us, and the things I’m thankful for as this holiday season kicks off!


  1. A lot of English Majors would love this tumblr post called ‘One Star Reviews of Classic Literature’.  It’s never ending and the hilarity of how people just sometimes don’t get but are not afraid to admit is great.  One of my favorite reviews to read was this one for The Giver:
    “This book was the most bull S*** ever. I had to read it in school and it sucked.  The ending was crap. This book was not swag. yolo.”


    2. If you’re a lover of cats and youtube videos the same, then this hipter/techno cat video will make you giggle.  And also wonder what the hell is going on?

3. MjAxMi1mMDE5ZWVhZDM5NjhkMjQ5

4. For those who are about to go through finals week:



5.  If you need a movie to make you smile, laugh, blush, then laugh again, you should watch Amy Schumer in Trainwreck, which recently came out on DVD.  It starts a little slow with story line, but the laughs come almost immediately.  The chemistry between the cast is just fantastic, and I got a little crush on Bill Hader now because of this movie! I just love that she kind of represents herself and a lot of late 20’s early 30’s ladies pretty hilariously.



The News Heard Around:

  1. The Black Lives Matter Movement experienced major devastation as three white supremacist opened fire at a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis this week.  No one, fortunately, was fatally wounded but this is an issue that continues to grow more every day. Especially as another video rose to show a police officer fatally shooting a teenager 16 times in Chicago last year.His name was Laquan McDonald. He was just 17 years old.
  2. I don’t know if YOU heard, but Adele just released an album. No big deal. Just amazing-ness oozing out of her vocal chords. She recently was the musical guest at SNL and they leaked her mic feed and we’re over here being a like, ‘please sing me to sleep every night you beautiful Goddess’.
  3. As usual, in act of fear of terrorism by ISIS since the attacks in Paris on November 13th, Governors all over the U.S. are denying to take Syrian refugees. And some law makers are even going as far as to say we should put them in internment camps, and talking major shit about people who are Muslim.  Donald Trump is encouraging his followers to believe that they should not be able to build mosques and practice their religion….because that, you know, would not be a violation of the first amendment at all….
  4. In the next week, the documentary Amy is coming out on dvd.  It’s about one of my favorite musicians, a woman I listen to every fall as the winter blues starts to settle in and I need to just have someone who understands feeling lonely in a crowded room at times.  Amy Winehouse was a true gem that we lost way too soon.  I cannot wait for this documentary to come out! I’ll probably cry through the whole thing.
  5. and this happened.


What I’m Thankful For:

I’m thankful for the air in my lungs. The company I keep. The people I surround myself with. I’m thankful for my kitty cats and puppies, Henry, Magnolia, Howard, and Rudy. I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for you reading this. I’m thankful for music. I’m thankful for laughter. I’m thankful for strength. I’m thankful for love.






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