A (Cheaper) Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Favorite Workout Fiend

Good morning, blog readers!

Since it has been six months since my blog went live, I decided to go ahead and give the blog a new fresh look!   I chose this design because it a lot lighter(so hopefully will bring more of a lighter fun feel instead of the darker colors) and it’s simplistic and classic.  I hope you like it! The blog, like my personal life, is in constant progress and growth.  I want it to be something that I and YOU are truly proud of.  So I may add changes here and there over the next year.  But this is the new Marguline In Progress for 2016! Never too early to start, right?

Mostly, I want to go ahead and talk about Holiday gifts! It is literally a week before the big holiday season is about to come to a close, and Jeff and I, like we usually do around this time of year, are still finishing up gift shopping.  The only reason is because, well, sometimes adults are the hardest to shop for.

I’m usually guilty of not providing gift ideas for myself, but this year I refrained from not having gift ideas for family because of how frustrated I felt when I asked Jeff what he wanted for Christmas.  I wanted him to give me something! But alas, when I ask he just said “I don’t need anything for Christmas”. Which is lovely, and very true on our part.  We try not to be too materialistic. Just give us a book and we’re good to go.  But, this year, since I’m training for long distance running I decided that I would ask for more gifts to help me with running in the cold or gifts for exercise in general!  So I thought it might be helpful for those of you looking to get gift for your loved one that is passionate about healthy living and exercise.

Gifts For Runners:

Asics America Thermopolis LT 2-N-1 Beanie: $14:

This is for the avid runners who run all year long, including in the coldest months of winter. I think his hat is perfect size, it’s not too heavy, it wicks moisture, and it keeps your ears warm on those cold, brisk runs where there might be a little too much of a chill in the wind.  It’s long lasting and worth the price.

For those who carry gym bags:

Men-Outdoor Products Mountain duffle: $55

nice and durable for the outdoors and indoors, but sleek and smooth in style so you can travel with it.  A great gift for the holidays!

Women- Free People’s double gym bag and day bag-$30

This vegan product is sleek and stylish, but HUGE so it can carry anything from a yoga mat to deoderant.

For Yoga lovers:

Prana’s Eco Friendly Yoga Mat–$60

An eco-friendly yoga mat that helps the environment and is so comfortable it makes you want to just lie on it and take a nap.  While it is expensive for a mat, it is worth the price because of how durable it is. Give it a try!

For those who like to be outdoors:

For Backpacking, These backpacks for Men and Women are the Shizzle from R.E.I Co-op Outlet-$99-$185

This is a little pricey for some, but these products are made to last harsh weather conditions, rugged landscapes, and all the emotional baggage that comes with setting out on a backpacking trail.  These may not get you through the AT or PCT, but they are great for shorter backpacking journeys!  Great idea for friends who want to go in together on a gift.

REI also has a great Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for your outdoor lovers here.


There you go! there is a short list of some gift ideas for your workout fiend. I hope you all stay safe while shopping in the last minute shopping craziness and remember the reason for the season!


8 thoughts on “A (Cheaper) Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Favorite Workout Fiend

    1. I love the backpacks from this company! I also think that the boots from the company are great as well. Now that I found the outlet online I’m glad to be able budget these items in when I buy them for future backpacking trips. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. I love this mat because when I get something like this I want it to last long, and I tend to wear and tear the material off of mats fast with regular use. This is a lot more durable I think. And, who doesn’t want to help the planet? Thanks for stopping by!


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