Tips On Staying Active During A Busy Summer

We literally just celebrated the fourth of July yesterday, and I can’t believe that it’s already this late in the summer.  But it’s been a busy summer, at least it has been for me, with weddings, races, family reunion planning,  the reunion actually taking place this past Saturday, and just work in general has kept me busy during the summer.  I know for most of my co-workers, they have to makes sure their kids are entertained or being taken care of on top of all the busy things that they have to do this summer.

And this is the time when keeping up your exercise routine is pivotal.  Because running to work, then running the kids to the local pool, then grabbing groceries, or driving/flying to an outside destination can suck up your time really quickly.  Before you know it, the month has passed and you can’t remember the last time you went for a run, lifted a dumbell, did a jump squat, or had Jillian Michaels or any other instructor scream at you from the other side of your television screen.


I see you Jillian. I fear you Jillian.

I wanted to go over some tips on keeping yourself active during such a busy time.  Note: this is not a post about getting your body or keeping your body in bikini ready mode. I don’t care about that. *Double Note: I am obviously not a certified trainer or nutritionist. But, to me, working out is about inner peace, time for ourselves, and feeling good overall. You don’t have to take my word as straight from a fitness bible. But we all tend to be our own worst critic, and in a world of doing a bagillion things, the one moment we realize we haven’t worked out in two weeks or a month, we  tend to get really down on ourselves, which hurts self esteem, and damages your progress on loving yourself!  And that’s unnecessary. And I don’t like unnecessary things.  So here’s what I do to stay active during the summer:


I know that sounds crazy, THIRTY WHOLE MINUTES IS A LOT! But really it’s not.  And usually what we really want to do is still something pretty active. Whether it be going on a walk, working out in the garden, mowing the lawn, having a freakin’ awesome Ipod dance party (which I recommend daily), or just sitting in silence and meditating, take this time out for yourself.  It’ll will help with the stress of the day at home and at work.  Now,  if you don’t believe you have to have 30 minutes in a row, feel free to break it up a bit.  Sometimes when I’m running around cleaning or driving around doing errands I will stop and take to minutes here and there to relax do I don’t burn out too soon.


This one is pretty much a no brainer.  It’s always easy to spend time doing active things in the summer.  But it’s just as easy to take the kids to the pool and let them splash around while you lay lifeless on a raft or on a lounge chair.  Try getting in the water and being active with them.  Same goes with time with friends. Plan a small road trip where you go to a beautiful land mark, or go hiking on a nature trail. Plan camping trips out where you’re doing something a little active every day. Having a date night? Go on a stroll in your local downtown area soaking in the history of the sites.  You don’t have to be sweating to be active, well, depending on where you live in the summer, you just have to keep moving.


Random road trip  with my big brother Josh!


I am a very determined and ambitious person.  At least, I think so.  Sometimes I have to find a huge goal and do what I have to reach it.  I did that with running my first 5k, and then running my first marathon.  I said ‘I’m going to run a marathon’ and I set a realistic time frame of when I could do it, and researched all of what I needed to do to get me to the big race day.  Currently, I have decided to get into weightlifting. I want to be toned and leaner all over (not just my legs from leg days and running).  So I’ve been doing research and just a few days ago started a routine. It’s a six month plan that I feel will work for me.  It gets to be exciting when you want to do something big or make a big change, but remember to take your time and find something that fits you.  I trained for seven months for a marathon, but you or someone else could have done it in four months.  Find a plan that fits you and don’t worry if it takes you a week or two to find it.


Listen, it’s summer and we all get it.  You sit down on Sunday trying to plan your meals and your workouts for the next week,  and then suddenly all kinds of errands and events start popping up.  The key word is to adapt.  That’s what I do.  If I know I’m probably not going to fit in a workout because I have a busy evening after work or because it’s going to rain, I drag my butt out of bed at least half an hour early and fit something in.  I know sometimes, personally, if I don’t think I can fit a workout in then I just don’t work out at all. But doing something is better than nothing. If you know there is going to be a potluck or cookout somewhere full of deliciously bad foods, then try to eat clean for the other meals.  I’m sick of hearing that we should deprive ourselves, restrict, restrict, restrict! How do you live life if you’re constantly trying to avoid social events to do it!?!


Those are my favorite tips to give to you about staying active in the summer.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but this summer has been so hectic it has flown by so quickly!  Remember to enjoy summer because soon it’ll be a little too cool to go out in the evening and cook out, or swim, or whatever you do for fun. Enjoy it, don’t stress, be happy.


What are some tips you like to practice when trying to stay fit?



2 thoughts on “Tips On Staying Active During A Busy Summer

  1. Hi there! I’m a blogging friend of Erin’s and she told me you read my blog and I was just floored by that! It really touches my heart when I find out people I don’t know from Wisconsin read my blog. Anyways, loved this post. To stay active during summer, I’ve found that sometimes walking is just the best form of exercise! I love taking walks after dinner. When I’m feeling really motivated, they turn into runs! 😉 Anyways, thank you for your support! Go Packers 🙂


    1. Yes! I have been following you for a little more than six months now! Love the blog and the positive Zen you give out! Thanks for stopping by! I’m a huge fan of walking and running myself. I like walking at night with my two boxer pups, and running in the mornings. I am always working on my fitness!


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