What Marguline In Progress Is All About

Where did the time go this summer? I have been asking myself this question for the past month.  It seems like every week day goes by quickly and then the weekend is always jam packed with chores, errands, cleaning, weddings, traveling, organizing, and running.  Not that it isn’t fun.  I’ve been having a blast!  I literally just came back from a beautiful Wisconsin wedding where a former student of mine got married. It was the last of three amazing weddings I got to travel to this summer, and I believe, the last that I travel to for the rest of the year.

However, now that traveling to amazing cities and seeing amazing faces I’ve missed for so long is coming to a close, the near future is not getting less hectic.  Jeff and I are going through some major changes soon in different aspects of our lives, and on top of that I’m turning 30 in a little over a month! I’m ready to bring on the next decade even more so than when I turned 20. And with this new shift in my personal life, I started thinking about how this was going to relate to other things in my life.  And one of the most important things to me is this blog.

Just a couple of months ago, Marguline In Progress reached its first anniversary!  And to be honest, I missed it.  I personally, as a writer and as a human being, have felt a little neglectful to this baby of mine.  I have not been able to set myself up for the right environment to really push out blog post after blog post, and I didn’t really want to half-ass it or force anything on my readers.  I read blogs everyday on every single topic you can imagine.  I don’t want to just write a blog post that you can easily google and see a hundred blog posts on the same topic.  And, I think, it’s because when I started this blog, it was mainly a life style blog.  I’ve posted articles from tips as a long distance wedding traveler, to my favorite beauty products, to fitness dvds, to the best gifts on the market.  This was something I thought I needed to do to A) grab a large audience to share ideas with, and B) figure out which direction I really wanted to take the blog.  Finally, I wanted to show my progress in getting my shit together.  In the past couple of months since the one year anniversary I think I have finally decided which posts all of my readers have really latched on to, and which direction I’ve really wanted shift the focus of the blog.

One of my passions for the past ten years that has gotten stronger and stronger through those years is fitness.  To me, one’s relationship with fitness is a lot like a carpenter’s skill or an actor’s craft.  It is something that gives you major benefits from the beginning, but with the proper research, trials and errors, practice on proper form, and working with the right tools, you grow more and improve over an expanded amount of time. Though it has taken me a year to figure this out, I’ve realized this is what Marguline In Progress has been all about.  I have seen a large amount of views to my fitness posts.  More than I ever would have imagined, and it’s something that I’m incredible grateful for.

Now that we’re living in a more body positive world, I want to show everyone–all races, sexes, ages, shapes and sizes–that when we push ourselves through exercise, whether it be to prove you can do something or for curiosity on how you would feel eating a different diet or trying a different workout routine, it hugely impacts every other aspects of our lives in a positive way.  We feel more confident, we feel better physical and mentally, we can take on more challenges at work, at home, etc.

From now on I want to post to you, my dearest readers, my fitness journeys, my favorite gear, beautiful sights to see while pursuing a healthy life style, food, GOOD FOOD, and all adventures relating to your fitness journey.  Maybe you’re a skinny individual who wants to gain muscle, maybe you need motivation to start a running plan, maybe you are a plus size person who needs to know that you’re an inspiration to others all over the world.  Whatever reason you are starting, maintaining, or enhancing your fitness plan, I want you to know that I’m here, doing it with you. You could read this blog and say ‘if that plus size girl can run a marathon and not kill over, then I can run a freakin’ marathon.’ You could read this blog and say ‘if that delicious meal only takes 20 minutes to prepare, then I can freakin’do that in no time!  Whatever the reason, I am here for you, to better myself with you, to grow with you.

Now, let’s keep making progress!


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