5 Eerie Podcast Musts For Your Fall Workouts

Last Monday I woke up, dressed for work in a sleeveless shamrock green dress, stepped outside to walk to my car and OH!…it was chilly.  For the first morning since early March in Kentucky, there was a slight chill in the air, goose bumps appeared on my arm, and there was a certain smell in the breeze.  I recognized it like Lorelei Gilmore recognizes the first snow of every winter….the smell of FALL!!!

I love fall. Like…I loooooveee fall.  I love the colors, I love the weather, I love the scarves, I love the bonfires without the mosquitoes.  But most importantly, I love running outside in the fall weather, where the leaves are falling under my feet and make trails look like a Bob Ross painting.  Workouts in general seem easier in the Fall.  And something else I love, as if I have not already listed several reasons that I love fall, is that it host my favorite holiday: Halloween.

I know, I know, it’s early September.  Why is Halloween even worth talking about in a post about fall work outs. Because, people, it’s my Christmas, and there is something quite eerie about fall and mixing it with folk lore and ghouls and goblins.SO needless to say, I start celebrating Halloween in September. I watch scary movie classics, I watch ghost hunting shows (decent ones at least), I listen to creepy audio books, and I like to sit around a fire and tell scary stories.

So of course, why not incorporate this into my daily runs and workouts, right? Well, lucky for you, I have found some podcasts that I have been listening to and cover all things supernatural. Some are fictional, but seem very real (which is awesome), some are from a completely historical and factual context, which is interesting, and some are just people sitting around talking about scary topics and their origins.


If you are like me, sometimes music gets a little boring to run to, but running without music is just not engaging enough.  So I tend to, for longer runs or short weightlifting workouts, listen to podcasts.  I wanted to share these five podcasts that I have fallen in love with this month already, and will be great for those who love a good ghost story or mystery.  Obviously, I haven’t found every single gem out there, and some of them you may have heard of already, but these are the one’s that have lured me in:

1. No Sleep Podcast:

The NoSleep Podcast is something that I recently began listening to while do strength workouts.  I am new to it, even though it is already in it’s seventh season.  Hosted by David Cummings, the podcast is a half hour to hour narration of multiple stories from Reddit’s Nosleep forum.  The narration can be over the top at times, giving a feeling of a mixture of The Twilight Zone and the mid-1990s Are You Afraid of The Dark?.  Each episode usually has 2-5 stories of creepy topics such as haunted buildings, houses, and supernaturak beings that appear and disappear.  The music adds to the story, though you do not necessarily get lost in whether its fiction or not because of the over the top narration.  I recommend if you’re doing weights, it’s enough to get your mind off the strenuous sets but not distracting from being able to do proper form.

2. The Box Podcast:

This podcast, produced by an old friend of mine, Rethink the Rant blogger Lauren Nelson, is a fictionalized podcast with former journalism student, “Addison Gilmore”, as host. Gilmore is working in a unique bookstore when, while the owner is out at a convention, she finds this large box hidden behind mysteriously cut up books.  Once she opens the box, she finds journal after journal from the past 65 years or so, written by agents (of some sort) about mysterious paranormal and supernatural experiences.  Once she decides to dig a little into the stories and people behind these entries, she sometimes gets a little more than she bargained for.  The Box is a newer podcast, only about 7 episodes into it’s first season. Though it’s a newer podcast, doesn’t mean that it’s not well executed.  The music has an eeriness like the original Amytiville Horror and The Exorcist movie scores, and the use of voice actors and sound effects makes it more than effective to the point that sometimes you feel it’s real, even though Gilmore re-emphasizes it’s pure fiction.  I have been listening to this on my evening runs,and it can get a little creepy so I definitely avoid forest trails!  This will suck you in pretty quickly with it’s story lines and narration. So if you need something that will make you focus, especially on long runs, this podcast is the one for you!.

3. Lore:

If you ever wanted to know where the origin of an urban legend or Hollywood scary movie idea came from, Lore tells you exactly that.  This award-winning podcast (Best of 2015 award from itunes) explores our frightening killers and monsters in a historical context.  Where did the idea of the vampire come from? Are Hollywood films about scary asylums as horrific as the real life asylums of the early 20th century? Is it the tall trees or the shadows within the trees that make one being in the woods feel isolated, blocked off from the rest of the world, …alone?  Aaron Mahnke, author of several thriller novels, hosts this podcast and does a great job with his research and execution. Explorations of folk lore, mythical  creatures, paranormal activity are cleverly stripped away for us to understand where they originated and when they became popular.  It does not try to debunk what people claim to see, which I like. Sometime skeptical people take the fun out of the what ifs, and I say even if you don’t believe it’s real then whats wrong with having a little fun? It’s very factual and research based. The music is subtle but still steers your emotions as you hear more of the content.  The episodes are pretty short, some are only 14 minutes even.  If you are doing an easy run or doing some yoga or pilates, this podcast is great.

4. Stuff You Missed In History Class:

Okay, so this one is less creepy! HAHA! But I’ve been a fan of this podcast since I started listening to it four years ago.  They have changed hosts over the past few years a time or two, but the main theme of the podcast is to research and discuss major and minor historical figures, events, and places.  Through the whole year, they choose interesting topics, but during the month of October they do spooky topics.  They have covered everything from details from the Lizzie Borden case, to the Salem witch trials, to hauntings and curses.  It’s all fun and games, as the hosts sit around and have a genuine and informative discussion with us, the audience.  I love listening to this podcast during morning walks with my dogs, or morning stretches.  Some episodes are short, but most are usually 30-45  minutes long. So you definitely want to be in a place where you won’t have to leave in the middle of an episode, it’s sometime harder to pick up because they use so many facts and person testimony.  But it’s a lot of nerdy fun and games!

5. The Black Tapes Podcast:

A fictional podcast hosted by Alex Reagan, it starts interestingly as a profile or research podcast about people with interesting jobs; but quickly becomes a podcast about work done by Dr. Richard Strand, who works to debunk paranormal recordings and sightings.  He has a whole section of black tapes that individuals have sent to him for a possible one million dollar prize if they prove to actual paranormal activity and not something science can explain.  Alex quickly changes the name of the podcast and decides to stick with the interesting angle of watch the black tapes with Dr. Strand and journeys with him to these places to experience what the victims claim to be experiencing and to see if Strand will ever be proven wrong.    Mostly everything about this podcast seems genuine from the tape recordings, down to the detail of research and facts presented about each character.  It has the feel of House of Leaves with the fictional book titles and magazine article references, plus the interesting layering of focusing on one story line, while we also peel small pieces away from another to go even deeper into the work (and personal life) of Dr. Strand.  Sometimes the acting can be a little forced, but the podcast has a good balance between narration and dialogue so it flows very well.  Explorations of a tall thin dark shadowy figure following a family, to Ouija boards, to ghost sightings, this podcast will really give you the creeps.  I love going for my long runs listening to this podcast!

I should say that if you are a big fan of podcasts, then remember to listen and donate money so they can continue giving superb entertainment.

 Please share any podcasts you love to listen to in the fall or during Halloween season while you workout!


12 thoughts on “5 Eerie Podcast Musts For Your Fall Workouts

  1. Also worth checking out:

    * Limetown — Sounds like Serial, feels like a nightmare. Only one season, but the original horror audio drama badass of the modern podcasting era.
    * The Message — All sorts of creepiness. One season, but worth the listen.
    * TANIS — From the same folks as Black Tapes. A little slow, but intriguing.
    * Archive 81 — Found audio footage that’ll put you on edge.
    * Tunnels — Brand new, but showing promise right out of the gates.
    * Small Town Horror — It’ll put you on edge for days after listening to an episode.
    * The Deep Vault — Same folks as Small Town Horror, more post-apocalyptic sci-fi, and only a couple episodes, but still fantastic.

    And if you like your creepy mixed with humor, King Falls AM and Return Home are perfection.

    Happy listening!


  2. After finding and devouring The Black Tapes, I wanted more. So I found Tanis, and Rabbits. Then I was totally addicted and had a tough time finding anything quite like those. The Box fits the bill and I am listening now, I am on episode ten. But then what? Anything convincingly real, not just people telling scary fiction or non-fiction stories (which are okay too, but not quite as satisfying), but a docudrama, I guess it’s called.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thanks for stopping by!
      So when you’re finished with The Box, I would recommend Lime Town, which is a conspiracy, mystery thriller podcast. the ending will leave you breathless! From there, I would go with Homecoming which has an all star cast (Oscar Isaac, Catherine Keener, David Cross, and David Schwimmer) which is a mystery thriller which follows a therapist who works for government project to help soldiers with PTSD and the cover up after things go wrong. It starts in present day with the therapist in hiding and you go throughout the whole podcast wondering why she left the project so suddenly. It’s brilliant!

      If you’re wanting true crime or documentary series, I would recommend Crime Town and/or In The Dark.

      Let me know what you think?


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