Race Season Begins: My Marathon Playlist

I have a confession to make, all.  I didn’t really get to run as much as I wanted to this summer.  Part of the reason was I had to take a little break since my marathon in May, but part of it was because it was so damn hot! I still ran, but I focused a lot more on my new weight lifting program just to have a reason to stay indoors. I know we should not find excuses, so I did a lot of running in the evenings, towards the time when the sun goes down.  Which was a bit better, but I was still soaked from sweating in the humidity (remember I describe humidity in Kentucky like walking with a washcloth over your face), and the misquitos blanketed my legs and arms.  I’ve been in the process of a big transition, which I’ll be talking about in my next blog post, so I was not able to join a gym where I can use treadmills, and to be honest, I hate running on them now.  I used to love it, but marathon training got me even more into running outdoors.  There is something so amazing about nature when you’re more aware of the fresh air in your lungs and appreciate the beauty.


I’m so excited for this time of year! I know that races go on all year round, but for me, fall is the start of race season!  There are some major marathons and half marathons coming up in the next six months, some of which I know you will be running.  I wanted to share with you what my marathon playlist was that really pumped me up for the big race this past May.  So whether you are needing tunes for the big race day to pump you up, or some tunes to get you through sluggish training days, or on simple easy going runs, I have one here for you to try. This literally starts from the beginning of race kick off time, and of course it’s not long enough to last a full 5 1/2 hours, but the tunes come back around at the right times I need them!  Now, you won’t find any brand new songs on here from this year(I usually run a year behind all the latest pop songs).  The latest songs are from summer of 2015.  But there is a variety here, and you should definitely see if you are interested in some of these songs to add to your mix!



  1. Hooked On A Feeling: Blue Swede–to basically tap into the feeling that I’m obessed with races!
  2. Who Do You Think You Are?: The Spice Girls–Yaasssss, The Spice Girls, the original girl power of the 90s!
  3. Don’t Stop Believing: Journey
  4. All About That Bass: Meghan Trainor
  5. Something Bad: Miranda Lambert ft. Carrie Underwood
  6. Fancy: Reba McEntire
  7. Lot Of Leavin’ Left To Do: Dierks Bentley—Gets a pep back into my stride and he’s got that rugged voice that gets you ready to take on anything.
  8. Take On Me: Reel Big Fish–One of the best covers for a classic!
  9. Running On Empty: Jackson Browne–If we’re being honest, I really originally downloaded this song because of Forrest Gump when he’s in his running scenes.  But the emotions I get from this song are for some reason inspirational though I’m sure that’s not the purpose of the song haha!
  10. Safe European Home: The Clash
  11. Uptown Funk: Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars–because of course, you want to be caught dancing your way down the road at times.
  12. Titanium: David Guetta ft. Sia
  13. Timber: Pitbull ft. Ke$ha
  14. Lights: Elle Goulding–this song is freaking beautiful!
  15. Pumped Up Kicks: Foster The People–Because you cannot have a race without important political discussions with yourself.
  16. Sin Wagon: Dixie Chicks
  17. Sweet Caroline: Neil Diamond
  18. Black Math: The White Stripes–Gets that determined attitude going after my Caroline chill out.
  19. Go All The Way: Raspberries
  20. Starships: Niki Minaj–I’m not a huge Niki Minaj fan, but this song is pretty catchy.
  21. Say It Right: Nelly Furtado
  22. Come And Get Your Love: Red Bone
  23. Barracuda: Heart–these are my homegirls!  I love Heart!
  24. My Life Would Suck Without You: Kelly Clarkston
  25. Dear Future Husband: Meghan Trainor
  26. Set Fire To The Rain: Adele
  27. Girls (Who Run The World): Beyonce–This song got me through Mile 17, just sayin’!
  28. Forever Young: Rod Stewart
  29. Long Time Gone: Dixie Chicks
  30. The Good Life: Weezer–This song is my JAM!  I fought harsh winds during this song and didn’t even notice because I was singing and jamming so hard ( I got many thumbs up from supporters and other runners).
  31. Confident: Demi Lovato
  32. Royals: Lorde
  33. Get Outta Your Mind: Lil Jon ft. LMFAO–for when you’re pushing past that wall and just need to get outta your mind!
  34. Step Into My Office, Baby: Belle & Sebastian
  35. New Year: Death Cab For Cutie–For that last inspiration before you push through the big finish and cross your finish line!


What’s on your playlist for daily runs and races?  What gets you really fired up to go?


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