December Goals

When I feel the first chill in the air from winter, I think back to my days of watching Gilmore Girls, when Loralai always gets out of the house no matter what time of day or night it is and stands in the open air….because she smells snow.  I too get that excited when I think about the upcoming month of December, because I am ready for the love hate relationship that I have with snow.  I love the holidays time as well. And yes, I am one of those people who listens to Christmas music starting around mid-November until the new year pops around.  It makes me happy listening to Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, and the Drifters singing about white Christmases, Rudolf, and all of the other classics.  I get excited about what the new year will bring.

Because we can all agree that 2016 was a shit show that never should have happened.

December is also that time of the year when people start making new years resolutions, but I secretly like to make goals throughout every month.  I don’t always post them on the blog because, well, sometimes goals fail or sometimes they don’t seem interesting for everyone.  But this week I watched a webinar by Sarah Jenks, founder of Live More Weigh Less, to see what kind of program she offers to those who just need to love their bodies more.  It inspired me to take some time and think about goals I need for self improvement, and self sanity (if that’s a thing).  So my dear readers, feel free to test these new goals out with me if they apply and I would love to hear your feedback on whether some of these goals are helping you out!


1. Implement five minutes of meditation a day 

Everyone needs a little clarity and focus; and after the move to Madison and how hectic my schedule has been getting settled in a new home, getting settled with a new job that I love, getting our four pets settled and established with a good vet, and unpacking, things are finally starting to slow down a bit.  So I clean, I workout, I go to work, and come home and keep myself busy until I’m about to pass out in bed.  However, as soon as I lie down, I’ll be damned if all of these thoughts start popping into my head about things I need to get done.  I can’t shut my brain down!  So in December I’m going to find five minutes before bed to sit and meditate, and really focus on how the environment feels around me and practice thankfulness for the positivity in my life.

2. Eat dinner without any distractions

It doesn’t help that with the move we do not have any dining room chairs right now.  So you can see how easy it’s been to fix dinner and eat together while watching tv.  I’m not really an overeating machine by any means, but I always miss out on the meal when I am not focused on the food I’m putting in my mouth.  Most of the time it’s a protein I’ve baked (chicken, salmon, talapia, black bean burger) with some sort of vegetable (stir fry veggies, green beans, corn, etc).  But when Jeff and I watch tv I’m not paying attention on whether or not I’m full or the flavor of the food.  Even when we go to restaurants sometimes we will have our phones out while talking about bills or upcoming payments on whatever thing in our life is sucking money out of our bank account.

On Thanksgiving night, since we didn’t go anywhere for the holiday this year, we decided to do Denny’s late at night for ice cream.  I got a hot fudge sundae, he got the apple crisp.  And at 11:30 at night we had a date like it was our first.  We didn’t talk about demands of adult life, or bring out our phones.  We talked about our goals for the future, how much we loved our jobs, and chuckled because of this adorable younger couple out on what I would assume was their first date, sitting right behind us.

These are the moments I love and why I want to steer away from sitting in front of the television when eating dinner.  And I’m not sayin’ that I’m not going to socialize during the holiday parties and gatherings.  I’m not going to sit in darkened corner by myself and swishing food around to observe the flavor…uh no.  I just want to focus on the nutrition that I’m putting in my belly, give appreciation to my body for accepting my vices, and enjoy the moments and conversations with whomever I’m having the meal with. 🙂

3. Creating a strategy to build more followers for my blog

Now that I’ve settled into our new home and have more time in the evenings (my new job ends an hour earlier than my last job every day), I can devote a lot more time to focus on my blog.  I have a very successful blogging friend here in Madison who has helped guide me  so that I can start making this blog an inspiration that people constantly refer to.  That’s going to take some hard work, having to change the design, spending a little more money in the best blogging tools, and posting more frequently.  Before I didn’t have the right environment, I was too busy, I had to drive further to run errands.  Now that I’m in the city and have a little more space in our apartment and more time, I can fully devote to my blog.

4. Begin training for a 10K

I always follow a running plan better when I am training for a race, and after a bit of time off from running more regularly since the marathon, I am ready to get back into running full time and train for another race. And this will help me stay active during the holidays!  And this will eventually tie into one of my upcoming resolutions in 2017 that’ll be introduced in a future blog post!

5. Unpack and sort the last of our moving boxes

Jeff and I have been knocking out moving boxes pretty hard core since our move, but we still have several boxes left in the garage to unpack.  So the major goal for our apartment this month is to finish unpacking alllll of those boxes and getting the items sorted out.  Mainly I want to be able to park in my garage when it starts to snow in the next couple of weeks.  However, I love to be productive and it keeps me energized!


These are changes that I think will make an improvement in my every day life and I’m super excited to get back into training!  Let me know what are some of your goals for the end of the year? Let me know in the comments below!




16 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. I love your goal related to eating dinner without distractions! It can be way too easy to eat in front of the tv, or around the table while everyone has devices out, but distraction-free really is better!


  2. Eating dinner without any distractions sounds like a really great goal. Often times I eat dinner mindlessly while watching TV and then I’m hungry again in 10 minutes because I didn’t take the time to enjoy my food. I also hope to train to run a 10K sometime in 2017! I know it’s going to be hard work, but worth it in the end.
    Good luck with all of these goals!


    1. That’s so exciting that you’re training for 10K! It may seem overwhelming at first, but before you know it you’ll be running a fast time for those 6.2 miles! Good luck, and feel free to stop by and brag on your badass journey!


    1. That’s amazing that you do presentations on things like that. Since grad school I’ve been writing and studying our relationships with food and how it can have a negative impact on everything else in our lives. Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll keep a look out for future presentations you’re hosting!


    1. It sounds like you creating some really positive change at your workplace! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to report on this particular goal after the end of the month. Every time I try to talk myself out of five minutes, I’ll think of you and your staff and think ‘I can do five minutes, come on!” Thanks so much for stopping by!


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