Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Fitness Junkies 2016

Aw, tis’ the season.  Winter storm Decima blasted her way through this weekend leaving us with first, another foot of snow, and then freezing us with -10 weather (-20–25 with wind chill), making it hard to go outside much less do all of the Christmas shopping we needed done.  But we did it, despite the fact that Jeff and I couldn’t believe that Christmas was a week away.  Still, I’m feeling festive and full of happy winter wonderland vibes despite the frigid weather!

Every year I get questions of what I need for Christmas.  I usually don’t make a gift list because I don’t expect anything; but since Jeff and I do not have kids just yet, most people want to give us something for the holidays.  Since I pretty much do a variety of activities, people end up asking what I need fitness wise.  This is always so awesome, because, for example, last year I was training for a marathon, so winter gear can get pricey.  So most relatives put money towards a new running hat, socks, or thermal shirts to keep me warm. And while doing this, they asked questions and showed interest in what I was doing.  I don’t get a lot of “why are you doing that!?!” reactions, because my family knows that fitness is a lifestyle and passion of mine that is always evolving.

So if you know someone who is a fitness fanatic this is an amazing time to show those people the support you want to give! It’s always amazing when someone asks more about a fitness activity that their friend is doing because showing just an ounce of interest is showing a major load of support! The holiday season is a great time to take advantage of getting to know your fitness fiend’s passion, and here are some last minute gifts that might help you out if you don’t have the time to get out of them exactly what they want for their holiday gift.  That is, if you don’t want to just buy them a gift card and run with it….get it…run with it!?!

Okay. I’m done with puns.

Get them a Fitbit!


These gadgets are the CRAZE, especially this time of year.  They make a great gift for anyone, no matter their fitness activity.  Whether it’s just making sure they’re getting a certain amount of steps a day, monitoring their sleep activity, monitoring their heart rates during tough HIIT workouts,  or seeing how many calories they’re burning while doing yoga, these gadgets are the shiz because they do all of these things and so much more. And you can get one for as low as $99 (depending on how much you really need the gadget to perform).  It also makes a great gift for anyone trying to meet new years resolutions to get healthy!

A Magazine Subscription To Their Favorite Magazine!

keysha-lleras-1.jpg mensfitness

This is always a gift that I’m willing to throw out there for people fishing what to get me!  Normally, I read Women’s Running Magazine or Muscle and Fitness Hers for tips and motivation.  A subscription for one to two years for a magazine can run from $20-35, and is a gift that keeps on giving.  You are getting their favorite magazine that shows up every month AND you’re saving them the money of having to buy the magazine from new stands which can run up to 40-45 bucks a year!  Check out the websites, because sometimes holidays will run a special on their subscriptions!

A Subscription to

Music is amazing, but sometimes I just need to listen to a novel when busting through a run.  It helps me focus and my mind gets to escape into awesome fiction or non-fiction.  If you know someone who likes to download books to listen to while they’re breaking a sweat, you may want to pay for a month or two of their Audible subscription, or, if they don’t have Audible subscription, start them off by signing up in their name.  The subscription can be canceled any time, so if after your time that you have given them the gift of literature runs out and they don’t use it as often as they like, they can always decide to cancel.  But mostly, they won’t. Because books are awesome!

Buy Some In-Home Equipment

Sometimes people are just not motivated to go to the gym, especially if they have to drive a longer distance to get there.  Let’s face it, we like convenience.  So why not buy your fitness fanatic some in-home equipment.  A few years ago, I went to Target and bought Jeff The Rack workout machine, which is this 30 lb. piece of equipment that can be used for a crap ton of work outs.  It was 100 bucks, and he could do several core exercises, dips, push ups, curls, etc! It came with a workout dvd of several 15-45 minute workouts, and within in a month he was fit AF! Test out the waters, see what your fanatic likes.  They may need to add dumb bells or kettlebells to their at-home gym.  They may need a new yoga mat.  They may need a foam roller.  They may need…well anything!  At-home can be cheap if you buy it in the right place, but for a person trying to build their own gym, the small amounts spent on equipment add up.

Also, if you have an idea of what they need or want, try some second hand gym equipment shops.  Some times these stores are not chains, they’re small businesses, so you get the benefit from giving your money for a small business and getting great equipment for cheaper prices.  Now, sometimes, with second hand stores, you have to pay a lot closer attention to how good of shape a piece of equipment is.  But most fitness fanatics don’t mind if it’s second hand (if you even feel the need to tell them) as long as it works adequately and safely!

Is Your Fitness Fiend In A Specific Sport?  See What Equipment They Need Most!

This gift might seem like a lame gift for people who like to gift magical awe inspiring gifts haha! But if you have someone in your life who is into a specific sport, like running races, hockey, golf, basketball, soccer, Crossfit (they have regional up to international games!), then see what they need most.  Equipment is pricey for a lot of sports like hockey and golf (I saw ONE golf club…ONE that was like $800 BY ITSELF…Like WHYYYYYY).  Obviously you don’t have to go out buying pricey equipment, but smaller things like strong durable workout gloves, weightlifting belts, atheletic tape, golf balls, basket balls, hockey pucks, knee pads….anything and everything helps.  This may not seem magical, but trust me, these little things add up on top of the larger more expensive equipment!

Invest In Some Serious Winter Gear


I know people think us runners are crazy for running in the winter.  But it can seriously be gorgeous running through the winter wonderland! Believe it or not, there are many races that take place in the winter, so runners have to stay on their game. I can only really give an idea from my personal perspective, BUT winter gear is essential in running outside (if you cannot tell from the image above, provided by Minneapolis Running) and can get again, pricey pricey pricey.  Need to know exactly what gear a person who’s outside running needs?  Check out Runner’s World “What To Wear” guide.  This gives you an idea of what layers someone needs for winter, depending on where they live.  It has been below freezing into the negatives with AMAZING wind chill that makes my legs numb and my lungs burn here in South Central Wisconsin.  Some may not be having a harsh winter or having even HARSHER conditions…which if they’re harsher than that, I commend you on your insanity to run outside.

For Fitness Fanatics Who Do Little Bit Of Everything, Buy A Group Of Classes For Them To Try!

This is always so fun, especially when you get involved with them!  Try finding some studio classes near by with zumba, yoga, cardio, etc!  This also helps when someone is looking for a little bit of variety in their workout schedule.

Donate To A Charity They’re Running For!

You might know someone who is running a race while simultaneously raising funds for a specific charity.  Go ahead and give some funds their way!  It’s for a good cause, it shows encouragement for the fitness guru to keep doing  what they do, and it motivates them even more to run the race!


As always, showing interest in your loved one’s passion for fitness is very encouraging even if you don’t think it makes much of a difference.  You have to keep in mind, this fitness class or sport or race is apart of their every day lives.  There are days they live and breath it and sometimes in an environment full of people that don’t really show much interest or understand at all what they’re doing.  Give a little encouragement any way you can.





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