Don’t Make A New You, Be A Proud You…

After a month long hiatus, happy belated New Year readers!  My goodness it has been quite a busy month since I last wrote to you.  But I’m back, and the new year is a fresh new start as it is for millions of people across the world.  I’m excited for the new year, to be honest.  I didn’t have the worst 2016, but the first four months were utter shite I must say.  I lost two family members in the start of the year, within two weeks of each other. I was uncertain about my future and if plans were ever going to work out.  But I had my running, since I was training at the time for my first marathon, which I ran in May.

The rest of the year didn’t get any easier, but it was full of more happiness.  It was full of more accomplishments (my first half marathon, my first eighteen miler, my first marathon!).  I had organized with cousins our first annual family reunion, I went on more adventures, I visited family in Michigan, and attended beautiful, lovely, amazing weddings because love is love is love is love is love…..

Then by the beginning of fall, I was moving to Madison with a dream job, and getting back to friends from whom we’d been separated for far too long.  And happiness grew and grew and grew. I started a new weight lifting program in the beginning of December that has been making me feel stronger and more confident every day.


And suddenly, I got the itch for another marathon.  It hit me unexpectedly, I might add! Because I hadn’t planned on doing one again until 2018. But lo and behold, I got the feeling that I needed to do it again. So I’ve decided to run the Detroit Marathon in 2017, it actually selfishly falls on Jeff and I’s 5th wedding anniversary (don’t worry I’ll have a sign to hold up high to declare my love for him still at the finish line).  And I feel better at 30, than I did with a 10 pound lighter but no muscle whatsoever self when I was 20.  I can truly say that I’m #blessed! I get to see amazing things all the time, I work and socialize with amazing people, I have an amazing husband who is good to me, and I have four amazing fur babies (2 boxers, Howard and Rudy, and 2 cats, Henry and Maeby).

After 2016 was held by, let’s face it, the majority of people as the shittiest year, I feel that 2017 has a refreshing feel.  It’s the feeling of triumph!  With an uncertain future with a new administration in Washington D.C. with a President who is scary and thin skinned, it’s empowering to see so many people already getting back to fighting.  Whether that would be political, like the astounding women’s marches held across the globe, or whether they’re fighting to take their health back, or fighting to keep their mind from telling them they can’t do what their heart knows they can.

I ask you, readers, to not make a new you, but a resilient you.

So many people fail new years resolutions, and look at their failures in life and other areas instead of looking at their accomplishments.  Don’t make a new you, make a resilient you. A fighter.  Inspire others.  Be good to others.  Speak to others and listen.  Run with others. Lift with others.  Don’t make a new you, make a proud you.  Be proud of your accomplishments in life, love, spirituality, sports, fitness, art, writing, marketing, marching, protesting, and everything else in between.  This is your year to be proud.

So damn it, be proud of yourself in 2017.



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